Luminous Gestures 3.0
Toronto, ON, Canada
Array Space
161 Walnut Ave
Toronto, ON M6J 3W3
416 532 3019

Luminous Gestures 3.0
Sunday November 18th, 8pm
Admission $15
Array Space
155 Walnut Ave.
Toronto, ON, M6J 3W3

Luminous Gestures offers a magical evening of images and theme-inspired compositions and improvised music featuring Bill McBirnie (flute), David Story (percussion & piano), Bill Gilliam (piano) and the UNquartet string trio with Cheryl O (cello), Meghan Cheng (violin) and Nelson Moneo (viola) as well as improvised visuals by filmmaker Dan Browne.

The program will include new compositions & arrangements for flute and string trio, duets for piano & flute, piano & cello as well as for our full ensemble.