Improvisations are core to my artistic creative process. An improv may stay as a one-off idea or recording or may become the germ of an idea for future collaborations. It may become the theme of a lead sheet to be played by a group or the motif in a fully composed piece. Improvs are how I explore the underlying spirit ideas of music swimming in a world of possibilities.

“Marbyllia” – Margaret Maria (cello) & Bill Gilliam (piano) “An Unexpected Insight” – live @ Array Space, Nov 2022
Bill Gilliam & Glen Hall РAudiopollination @ Array Space March 1st 2015
Audiopollination – Bill Gilliam (piano), Ambrose Pottie (perc), John Creson & Adam Rosen (voices)
Array Session #38 May 13 2016 – Bill Gilliam (piano) & Brian Katz (guitar) – Broken Rowboat
Tranzac, Feb 2016 – Bill Gilliam (piano), Kayla Milmine (soprano) Ambrose Pottie (perc)