Entangled Pathways FB v02

The Bill Gilliam, Kayla Milmine & Ambrose Pottie trio are excited to announce the release of their new CD “Entangled Pathways” at Array Space, Wednesday Oct 18th at 8pm.

$10 admission, $15 with CD

Array Space, 155 Walnut Ave. Toronto, M6J 3W3


  • Bill Gilliam, piano & prepared piano
  • Kayla Milmine, soprano sax
  • Ambrose Pottie, percussion

Entangled Pathways is a collection of original music performed by this acoustic trio who met through the Toronto Improvisor’s Orchestra (TIO). These pieces are a combination of composed free floating melodies, jazz idioms and modal-chromatic tonalities as well as freely improvised creations by the ensemble. This music offers reflections on the rapidly changing and entangled terrains we live in and the many imagined pathways we could take.

“Porous Borders”