(five poems about COVID 19 observations and perspectives in 2020)

All Exits Go Nowhere

Spread out everyone!
Six feet!
Where to?
Keep walking away
Around each other
No resting
Not that way
No access!
Don’t breath out
Or In!
Stay home!

The Animals Are All Laughing!

Where did they all go?
We can pee anywhere!
Lovely roses, mmm, thank you!
This smooth green grass
Is perfect for a run, or lunch
Or, a nap
Let’s go play on their stuff!
The animals, are all laughing!

I Was Ready, Then Not

I was ready, then not!
Temperature up, chest burning
Vowing to face the music
Report to the hospital, first thing
But I stayed home
Sweating in my pillows
It was a panic attack
Another day
I’ll be ready
Or not

Can I See The Sky Before I Die?

Can I see the sky before I die?
Please forgive me, but I can’t take you there
Your loved ones need to be here
My heart breaks for you and yours
Who won’t see you again
With tears
I hold your hand
We are so fragile
Watching life

Walking Home

Walking home after my ICU shift
Tension lifting
Feeling the warm bond of my team
Mixed with deep sadness for our patients
I hear my neighbours on our street, clapping for me!
I embrace their gratitude
I’m proud of my role
But I’m no martyr